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1. Introduction

This is the Privacy Policy of Adeo South Africa Proprietary Limited trading as Jozi Market (Jozi Market) referred to in the Jozi Market General Terms and Conditions. This Privacy Policy applies to the personal information of users of the Jozi Market website, available at jozimarket.co.za (Website), of users of the Jozi Market social media pages, groups, accounts or profiles (Social Media Pages including but not limited to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp) and of in-store customers of Jozi Market (users). The use of the Website and Social Media Pages is also subject to the Jozi Market Disclaimer.
Jozi Market respects users’ privacy rights and complies with all laws in respect of the handling of personal information, including collection, use, storage, sharing and
This Privacy Policy aims to help users understand how Jozi Market handles personal information when users use the Website, join, access or use the Social Media Pages or interact with us in our stores.
This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third-party websites which may be accessible through links on the Website and/or Social Media Pages. Jozi Market makes no representations or warranties about the privacy practices of any third party and does not accept any responsibility for the privacy practices of, or content displayed on third party websites. Third-party website providers are responsible for informing users about their own privacy

2. Changes to Privacy Policy

Jozi Market reviews its policies regularly and occasionally may need to change or update them. Any updated versions of this Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website and accessible through the Social Media Pages and will be effective from the date of posting. Where practical, and at Jozi Market’s discretion, notice of the change will be displayed on the Website and Social Media Pages. This Privacy Policy was last reviewed and updated on April 2018.

3. What personal information does Jozi Market handle?

When used in this Privacy Policy, the term “personal information” has the meaning given to it in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (POPI). Generally speaking, personal information is any information that can be used to personally identify a natural or juristic
Personal information that Jozi Market collects, when users use the Website and join, access or use the Social Media Pages, may include the users’ full name, address, contact details, and payment information and any other information relating to users which Jozi Market lawfully receives and which may be relevant to the use of the Website and/or the Social Media Pages or which is accessible on users’ own social media profiles which they connect with the Social Media
If the information that Jozi Market collects personally identifies users, or users are reasonably identifiable from it, Jozi Market will treat it as personal.

4. How does Jozi Market collect users’ personal information?

Jozi Market collects users’ personal information in various ways, namely:

through their access to and use of the Website and/or Social Media Pages;
through customer surveys; and
when users communicate with Jozi Market in any

5. What happens if Jozi Market is not permitted to collect users’ personal information?

All personal information provided by users is provided voluntarily. However, if users do not provide Jozi Market with personal information where Jozi Market requires it, those users may not be able to purchase products, use Jozi Market’s services, access the Website or join, access or use the Social Media Pages.

6. For what purposes does Jozi Market handle user personal information?

Jozi Market stores users’ personal information and handles it for the purposes of:

carrying out any actions necessary for the conclusion or performance of the contract of the sale of products, when users purchase products on the Website; and
updating its records; and
processing and responding to any correspondence from users
marketing, subject to clause

7. Who does Jozi Market disclose user personal information to?

Jozi Market may disclose user personal information to:
its employees, affiliates, contractors or third-party service providers in connection with the Website and/or Social Media Pages and sale of its products, including its hosting service providers;
its insurers and our professional advisors, including its accountants, business advisors and consultants;
new colleagues and the manager of any entity through which they operate if Jozi Market merges, combines or divests a part of its business;
law enforcement or regulatory bodies as required by law; and
any other juristic or natural person for any authorised purpose with the user’s express consent.
Jozi Market undertakes never to sell users’ personal

8. Does Jozi Market disclose users’ personal information to anyone outside South Africa?

User personal information may need to be transferred to, or stored with, other members of the Adeo Group (of which Jozi Market is a part) located outside of South Africa for some of the purposes listed
Where users’ personal information is transferred outside of South Africa, the rights of users will continue to be respected and Jozi Market will take all reasonable steps to ensure transferred personal information is kept secure and receives a similar or higher level of protection as that which it receives in South

9. Marketing

Jozi Market may handle users’ personal information to send users details of new
These communications may be sent in various forms (including by post and by email) in accordance with applicable marketing laws. If users indicate a preference for a method of communication, Jozi Market will endeavour to use that method where it is practical to do
All of these communications will include information detailing the process of unsubscribing from (or opting out of) receiving the communications if users no longer wish to receive promotional material from Leroy

10. How the Website and/or Social Media Pages work

When users visit the Website and join, access or use the Social Media Pages, Jozi Market may make use of “cookies” to automatically collect information and data about users, including social media profile information of users. “Cookies” are small text files used by websites or other platforms to recognise repeat users, facilitate the user’s on-going access to and use of a website or other platforms and allow the website or other platform to track usage behaviour and compile aggregate data that will allow the website or platform operator to improve the functionality of the website or platform and its content. The type of information collected by cookies is not used to personally identify users. If users do not want information collected by means of cookies, they must disable the use of cookies in their web browser. Cookies may, however, be necessary to provide users with certain features available on the Website and/or Social Media Pages and if users disable cookies they may not be able to use those features, and their access to the Website and/or Social Media Pages will be
As the Website and Social Media Pages are accessible via the internet, and the internet is inherently insecure, Jozi Market cannot provide any assurance regarding the security of the transmission of information users communicate to Jozi Market online. Jozi Market also cannot guarantee that the information users supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted. Accordingly, any personal information or other information which users transmit to Jozi Market online is transmitted at the users’ own

11. Security and data quality

Jozi Market may hold users’ personal information in either electronic or hard copy form. In both cases Jozi Market takes reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure that the personal information is protected from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or
Personal information is destroyed or de-identified when no longer needed or when Jozi Market is no longer required by law to retain it (whichever is the later).

12. How can users access and correct their personal information?

Users have the right to contact Jozi Market at any time requesting:
confirmation that Jozi Market has their personal information;
access to the records containing their personal information or a description of the personal information that Jozi Market holds about them; and
the identity or categories of third parties who have had, or currently have, access to their personal
When making a request Jozi Market requires adequate proof of the users’ identity which will include providing a certified copy of their identity / registration
Jozi Market will try to provide users with suitable means of accessing information, where users are entitled to it, for example, posting or emailing it to
There may be instances where Jozi Market cannot grant users access to their personal information. For example, if their access would interfere with the privacy of others or would result in a breach of confidentiality, Jozi Market may need to refuse access. If Jozi Market refuses access, it will give written reasons for its
If users believe that any personal information that Jozi Market holds about them is inaccurate, irrelevant, outdated, incomplete or misleading, users may request Jozi Market to correct it. If users believe that any personal information that Jozi Market holds about them is excessive or has been unlawfully obtained or that Jozi Market is no longer authorized to retain the information, users may request that Jozi Market destroys or deletes it. Jozi Market will consider if the information requires correction, deletion or destruction and if Jozi Market does not agree that there are grounds for action, users may request that Jozi Market adds a note to the personal information stating that the user disagrees with it.
Jozi Market may charge a reasonable fee to cover its administrative and other reasonable costs in providing the information to users. Jozi Market will not charge for simply making the request or for making any corrections to the personal

13. Unlawful access to users’ personal information

If users believe that their personal information has been unlawfully accessed or acquired, they may contact Jozi Market using the contact information below and provide details of the incident so that Jozi Market can investigate
Jozi Market will treat users’ complaints confidentially (unless otherwise required by law), investigate those complaints and aim to ensure that those complaints are resolved within a reasonable

14. Changes to users’ personal information

Should users’ personal information change, please inform Jozi Market and provide it with all changes as soon as reasonably possible to enable Jozi Market to update the personal information.

15. List of cookies we collect

FORM_KEY: Stores randomly generated key used to prevent forged requests.

PHPSESSID: Your session ID on the server.

GUEST-VIEW: Allows guests to view and edit their orders.

PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CART: A link to information about your cart and viewing history, if you have asked for this.

STF: Information on products you have emailed to friends.

STORE: The store view or language you have selected.

USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE: Indicates whether a customer allowed to use cookies.

MAGE-CACHE-SESSID: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.

MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.

MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE-SECTION-INVALIDATION: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.

MAGE-CACHE-TIMEOUT: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.

SECTION-DATA-IDS: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.

PRIVATE_CONTENT_VERSION: Facilitates caching of content on the browser to make pages load faster.

X-MAGENTO-VARY: Facilitates caching of content on the server to make pages load faster.

MAGE-TRANSLATION-FILE-VERSION: Facilitates translation of content to other languages.

MAGE-TRANSLATION-STORAGE: Facilitates translation of content to other languages.

16. Contact information

If users have any questions about this Privacy Policy or any general concerns or if users would like to lay a complaint regarding the treatment of their personal information or a possible breach of their data privacy or to access and correct their personal information, please contact us at


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